EP – Song of Songs – is out!

Song of SongsSONG OF SONGS, a collection of four of my latest compositions for solo piano is now out! There are 5 tracks: ‘La Joie De Vivre’ (which won the Open Composition class at the Inverness Music Festival in 2012), ‘Beethoven Come Back’ (a catchy tuneful piece in a Classical style), ‘Danse Jubilante’ (a jubilant dance full of energy with a cantabile middle section), and ‘Processional For A Bride’ (a calming, regal piece of music to accompany a bride walking down the aisle). This is a short album (11 minutes, 17 seconds). The four individual pieces each have fresh delight and beauty in melody, harmony and rhythm. Tracks 1 to 4 are recorded on piano and track 5 is the ‘Processional’ recorded on the organ in Inverness Cathedral 4th January this year (2015). Please have a listen to the samples that I have uploaded from each of the tracks at my shop. You can purchase this album either as a CD or MP3 Download and the corresponding sheet music in My Shop. Cost: CD £6 (free post to UK) and Individual tracks to download @ £1 If you like my music, please help by ‘sharing’ my Rivers Of Music website address: https://riversofmusic.co.uk I always appreciate feedback, so if you have any comments, please leave them here. Here are a few responses to the Album:

  • How beautiful!
  • I just want to listen to ‘Processional For A Bride’ played on the organ (Track 5) over and over again
  • Love it… want more
  • Fabulous! Just wanted the album to play on and on.
  • Loved it! More compositions like these, please.

You can purchase this as CDs, MP3 and Sheet Music at my shop.

Kiss of Grace

My CD ‘Kiss of Grace’, launched in May 2014, has had much positive and encouraging feedback and continues to be very popular. Most people who buy this album say that they listen to it on repeat as they find it very restful. As the music was recorded on an acoustic piano, the natural resonance adds a special quality.

The CD  and digital download are available directly from me through my website //riversofmusic.co.uk

My vision – I want many people to enjoy the rest and peace that flows through my music and perhaps to bring revelation of God’s healing love.

My ‘Theme and Variation’s on Paganini’s Caprice No.24 for Violin and Cello is published as sheet music by Spartan Press (also available as a digital PDF download). There’s a link to Spartan Press in the ‘Sheet Music’ section of this website.

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