EP – Song of Songs – is out!

Song of SongsSONG OF SONGS, a collection of four of my latest compositions for solo piano is now out! There are 5 tracks: ‘La Joie De Vivre’ (which won the Open Composition class at the Inverness Music Festival in 2012), ‘Beethoven Come Back’ (a catchy tuneful piece in a Classical style), ‘Danse Jubilante’ (a jubilant dance full of energy with a cantabile middle section), and ‘Processional For A Bride’ (a calming, regal piece of music to accompany a bride walking down the aisle). This is a short album (11 minutes, 17 seconds). The four individual pieces each have fresh delight and beauty in melody, harmony and rhythm. Tracks 1 to 4 are recorded on piano and track 5 is the ‘Processional’ recorded on the organ in Inverness Cathedral 4th January this year (2015). Please have a listen to the samples that I have uploaded from each of the tracks at my shop. You can purchase this album either as a CD or MP3 Download and the corresponding sheet music in My Shop. Cost: CD £6 (free post to UK) and Individual tracks to download @ £1 If you like my music, please help by ‘sharing’ my Rivers Of Music website address: https://riversofmusic.co.uk I always appreciate feedback, so if you have any comments, please leave them here. Here are a few responses to the Album:

  • How beautiful!
  • I just want to listen to ‘Processional For A Bride’ played on the organ (Track 5) over and over again
  • Love it… want more
  • Fabulous! Just wanted the album to play on and on.
  • Loved it! More compositions like these, please.

You can purchase this as CDs, MP3 and Sheet Music at my shop.

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